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One thought on “Guidelines

  1. The handicapped have been shamelessly used to fog an over the top $180M price tag. Stan is right. $24 Million is the number not $70 Million for ADA. Building Code violations and upgrades are another thing the proponents want to mislead us with. Read the 2012 International Building Code chapter 34 “existing structures”. Materials and maintenance are controlled by the code in existence when installed. Life Safety is the only exemption. If there is just one Life Safety issue — what is it? Did they just put thousands of people at risk during the Stock Show? NO!

    The so called “Settlement” Agreement with DOJ is nothing more than political maneuvering. DOJ spent only 2 hours in the Barnett according to City Attorney Joel Landeen. Because of this terrible “Voluntary” agreement our elected officials have handed over control to the DOJ. This was not necessary.

    Information from the City Attorney shows a very similar instance to ours, Brown Vs. Nassau County. In this instance an agreement was reached to allow the County to build a new structure that met ADA Compliance —- and not be compelled to update their existing structure.

    Not so in RC. We somehow decided to let DOJ dictate to us this. IF WE KEEP THE BARNETT open during construction of the new 19,000 seat addition THEN WE MUST update ADA at the Barnett. This is impossible and does nothing but had cost. The new addition will be 2010 ADA compliant. This new addition incorporates the Barnett into it. The Barnett is automatically updated.

    The so called “Settlement” Agreement was not well thought out. There was absolutely no reason to give DOJ the steering wheel, our elected officials should have remained in charge. This was nothing but a huge political mistake.

    Now we are faced with a 30 month clock that HAS ALREADY STARTED. If the vote is no look at what happens. Less than 30 months to do EVERYTHING. This will cause more closed days then what we should have had. This will cause millions more to spent then necessary.

    If we were still in control we could have used the $2.3 million (plus more) on hand and bonded for 3 years ($12M – $15M). We could have done a ton of ADA work on a more measured schedule and had far less closed days and less costs because an un-rushed schedule. After the first 36 months we could repeat the method (less money needed) and finished everything.

    Remember Mayor Hanks was spending millions of dollars as recent as 2010 for ADA upgrades at the Civic Center. Minutes show the desire to continue using this method into the future.

    But now the reality is the politicalization of the disabled has hurt them and everyone else. Poor management skills from a mayor that neglected spending a nickel over the last 6 years, even though money and willingness from Council to bond was available, is now evident.

    Bill Freytag

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