Whenever I travel the state, or just go into a restaurant or grocery store in Rapid City, I am amazed by the number of people who approach me wanting to discuss something political, something about the arts, or something about our state.

This website and blog are for people like that, folks who want to have an ongoing discussion about South Dakota.  I’ll try to post a few things every week and welcome you to chip in your own thoughts, ideas, questions, and wishes.

I know many who are hesitant to express themselves on a blog where they can be attacked anonymously, so this one will have two basic rules: you must identify yourself, and you must use good manners.  All of the guidelines for posting, found by clicking Policies to your left, come back to those two basic rules.

From time to time other people may contribute blog posts to stimulate the discussion and present different viewpoints and opinions. While I may not share the opinions expressed by these contributors, I look forward to seeing where the conversations will take us when we share our different ideas.

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