3 thoughts on “An open letter to Governor Noem

  1. Have you considered the impact on the public including suffering and death associated with a ramping up of shut downs?

    For instance my daughter has an alcoholic husband. He started drinking again because he knew — and said — the police would not address the issue. Testing for alcohol has been suspended in his case and he took advantage. He violated his parole, started drinking, and then created a problem for his household, when my daughter called the police for help, they would not arrest him or make him leave because of the corona virus. I don’t blame the police, they contacted his parole officer and it was this parole officer that told the police to leave him alone. So the abuser was protected and the innocent were sent packing.

    He was on parole for — threatening the police — during a drunken episode. My daughter had to leave her home because this law breaker hid behind the corona virus. He openly said I can drink again because the police will not interfere. He threatened harm to my daughter. If she had not left her home he would have hurt her. Would her death or injury been an inferior statistic to corona suffering. NO Her having to leave her home is a covid 19 statistic

    Many states (not SD) are turning criminals unto the streets because of covid-19.

    This proposal is real, and an unnecessary ramping up of a shut downs. As proposed here, this letter to the Gov. has many moving parts, and the usual one size fits all will harm many, but not so much the rich or well off. But all the people at the bottom of the totem pole are the ones who suffer the most and most often.

    Social distancing, masks, and common sense is a better answer. Restricting gatherings of more than 10 people, making adjustments based on facts surrounding the virus need to be considered. The vast majority of South Dakotans are not law breakers. They are honest people trying to live out their lives. But the few criminals among us will profit far more than the average person.

    If the argument is their are a those who will always violate the law —- then this same argument applies to those who violate any additional shut downs. A shut down has to consider all the consequences it creates and needs to be weighed against covid -19 in totality and in reality.

    Governor Noem please be very careful. The cure should not be worse than the disease.

    Note I have taken a screen shot of this reply and note that this website invited the reply. If this reply is omitted I will personally make sure many many see it

    Bill Freytag 605 341 4184 billfreytag@mac.com

  2. It is a long time since we have talked face to face. You are correct, your comments had not occurred to me.

    Thank you for sending this. No honest thoughtful reply would ever be omitted. Ever

    The program used by almost all other States is a way to slow down the spread – they call it “mitigation.” It saves lives. Someone dies, and many are punished in situations like your daughters. The following is from a Medical Analysis of the support for “mitigation” – slowing the spread of the disease:
    Yet the focus on the current numbers and long-range predictions may obscure something else: that the United States still has an opportunity to save thousands, even tens of thousands, of lives in the coming days, weeks, and months.
    To do so, experts say, the US has to continue to slow down the rate of transmission by staying home: flattening the curve with social distancing to relieve the pressure on the health care system. Flattening the curve reduces the burden by keeping the peak of hospitalizations (and potential deaths) lower and more spread out so that resources aren’t overwhelmed. In Washington state and California, there are already some early signs the curve has been flattened.”

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