2 thoughts on “The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Did you know?

  1. There have been other mass murders of blacks in our history of slavery and oppression. These and many other evils of humanity…the Inquisition in Spain. Currently, the murder of the indigenous in the Amazon gets no attention. Remember Pol Pot in Cambodia. The India/Pakistan separation in the late 40s known as The Partition. Who could forget South Africa? Over the centuries…the murder of gay men that continues to this day…especially in Russia where there are “hunting” websites. Humanity is a complete mess of one kind of hate or another. We only have to stop hatred in ourselves. Many cannot. So those of us who remain must do what can in little ways or big ways according to our means and inclinations. Stan, you are one of my heroes. I don’t recall a time my parents ever invited you and the late, lovely Ita to house when there were parties. Sad, if there were problems with my parents.
    Though I remember you and your family at “The Club” as a child. I have quietly followed your legislative years and by the grace of a good friend, own your book, after I said I wished I could afford one.
    Additionally, there are your contributions the musical and artistic life of Rapid City. So, I have many reasons to have great respect for you. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments Barry. When I read of this incident, it brought to mind the fact that my father had been a NCO in a all-black segregated unit in the first World war, And received a Battle field commission for his bravery in having the unit get up under German fire and build a bridge. In order that ambulances could cross over something.

    In the article there was a discussion that the attempt to assert the law was led by veterans. At the moment I am seeking to get the designation of the Army company that dad was the only surviving NCO at that time. From there perhaps One of those brave soldiers might have been in that unit. Perhaps one of them had a descendent participated in Tulsa.

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