If Billie wins, South Dakota wins

You may have seen my endorsement on other blogs or in the news. I’m sharing the full statement here with you. I hope that you will join me in supporting Billie, because if he wins, South Dakota wins.

I am announcing my endorsement of Billie Sutton to be the next Governor of our great state.

I am a lifelong Republican and have supported five Republican governors as a member of their transition teams.  However, I have always held a belief in people and performance over party, and that we are South Dakotans first.  That’s why I’m supporting Billie Sutton.

Billie Sutton is a man who keeps his word and leads with integrity and heart.  I’ve seen it happen day after day in his service as a legislator.  He is a person who sacrifices personal gain to benefit his constituents.  He has a gift of listening and analyzing policy and appropriations to prioritize the needs of our state, not just the wants.  He has worked with legislators of all political stripes to promote the best policies for our state.  I believe that he will continue to do that as our governor and lead our state forward.

Conversely, I’ve watched his opponent stake out self-serving and inconsistent positions throughout her political career.  During her race for Congress, she touted her ag experience and promised to be a leader for us on the important Ag Committee, but at the first chance, she jumped to promote herself to a more prestigious committee and left us without representation for agriculture.  She campaigned on her commitment to represent us in Washington, but announced her run for governor just days after being elected to Congress, simultaneously transferring $1.6 million in political contributions.

As a young Lieutenant, I was taught that leadership means to be at the front of the battle, to stand for core values, and to face a challenge head on.  I look at the values of who we are as a state, the values that I hold dear as a Republican, and I feel compelled to support Billie Sutton as the next governor of South Dakota.

At 86, almost 87, I am concerned about my party’s same-old-same-old, refusal to change, and blind support of their team.  I encourage you to examine your team loyalty versus your values, and remember that the future of our state isn’t a game.  In this election, we have the opportunity to vote and support someone who truly represents South Dakota values as opposed to someone who is just looking for a new job.  Please join me in voting for Senator Billie Sutton as our next Governor.

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