It’s time for Noem to take action for the sake of children

Sunday, I sent the following rather brief and easily answered message to our Congresswoman Kristie Noem’s Rapid City and Washington, DC offices. No meaningful answer has been received, just a canned reply, and she has not signed on to the discharge petition to forcea vote—which only requires two more Republican names to bring to the floor this critical humanity issue.

While we served in the state legislature together, she may have forgotten my name just as she has forgotten what is important to caring South Dakotans.

Dear Kristi

The article below actually makes me physically ill. That a British newspaper would reveal these facts is beyond unacceptable!

It was not very long ago that Jews were put into cages.  While there are not many Jews in South Dakota, there are tens of thousands ELCA Lutherans who have expressed the same disgust.

Do you support any of the immigration bills that are now being proposed in the house?  If the answer is yes, please send me the specific language that refers to the elimination of separation from parents of children?

If  the answer is no would you please explain to me why not?!”

It would seem to me that Ms. Noem is much more concerned with following our presidents inhumane action, to curry his favor, for some reason—or perhaps she agrees with his cruel choices.

What in the world has happened to my party nationally and, in her case, in our magnificent state in which most of us believe “under God the people rule”?

Please contact Ms. Noem’s office to urge her to take action on this important and urgent issue. You can email her through her website or call her offices at the numbers below.

Washington, D.C.
Toll-Free Phone: (855) 225-2801
Phone: (202) 225-2801

Sioux Falls
Phone: (605) 275-2868

Rapid City
Phone: (605) 791-4673

5 thoughts on “It’s time for Noem to take action for the sake of children

  1. Nicely done, Stan. A lot of Republicans in Congress are turning out to be feckless cowards and their cowardice gives Trump and his ignorant, racist friends permission. Noem needs to know that silence is assent.


  2. Would it not be a surprise that Ms Noem Has not answered since it appears she discovered SoDak has native Americans Just about 3 yrs ago. REK

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. While clearly not because of Republicans like you, Stan, “your” party is now reaping what it has sowed in varying degrees for every one of the 37 years since Lee Atwater proposed appealing to racism, fomenting hatred for ones opponents, and called it a “Southern Strategy.” Anyone, especially anyone with views such as your own, who calls him or herself a “Republican” today should be extremely embarrassed, and must expect to have the sincerity of their protestations of dismay at the actions of their parties President, and entire Congressional leadership, and the vast majority of its Members of Congress, questioned. I sincerely believe you would do well for your personal reputation, for the ideals in which you believe, and for the chances of sanity returning to your state and your nation, if you would renounce the Republican Party and either urge formation of a new one (the “Real Republican” party?) or join the party that is now fighting a desperate and difficult battle for most of the things in which you believe.

  4. we separated the native children forcibly from their parents & sent them hundreds of miles from home creating a void or lost generation the never would be surmounted,a tragedy that still haunts this nation today! yours in hope ,marvin kammerer.

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