Obama’s policies ARE on the ballot

When speaking at Northwestern University on October 2nd, President Obama reminded us what the 2014 midterm election is all about. He said:

“I am not on the ballot this fall. But make no mistake, my policies are: every single one of them.”

And those policies are on the ballot here in South Dakota.

National security policies are on the ballot. Turkey, a member of NATO, refused the United States’ request to allow Kurdish forces to defend the town of Kobani against murder and decapitation of men, women—and children—by ISIS. That was until the threat of Republican control of the Senate and the consequential disruption of US support caused Turkey to relent. How many others, from China to the Ukraine, will be injured until the strength of our powerful democracy is restored?

Free trade policies are on the ballot. The Democratic leader of the Senate refuses to support free trade agreements that would result in significant agricultural exports from the United States. How long are we willing to allow our own state’s interests to be ignored in the name of “politics?”

Mike Rounds is also on the ballot and he will be strong on national defense and support bills that are good for South Dakota and our economy. This election could determine if Republicans win a majority in the Senate. A Republican Senate will hold strong on our values at home and internationally while bringing a realism regarding the American people’s need for economic and social soundness. A vote for Mike is a vote for policies that represent South Dakota’s values.

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