South Dakota Supports Obama???

A vote for anyone other than Mike Rounds for the U.S. Senate is a vote for President Obama. The Republican Party cannot control the majority in the U.S. Senate without Governor Rounds.

If you WANT Barack Obama to continue to completely ignore the needs of American citizens, then vote for one of the other candidates. If, like me, you want control of your government in your state, vote FOR Governor Rounds. Mike Rounds well understands the needs of this state—and, for that matter, any state.

If you WANT a continuation of a failed foreign policy and the embarrassing world opinion that America no longer has any strength—vote for one of the other candidates.  If you WANT the attorney general to ignore any legal standards of our land, as AG Holder has continually done, vote for someone that you may “like” a little better than Mike.

There is another significant advantage to us if Mike is our next senator: he was a leader in the Republican Governor’s Caucus. There are other former Republican governors, currently in the U.S. Senate, who are eager to work with Mike and admire his leadership. None of the other candidates show the vaguest sign of such leadership.

If Rick Weiland were somehow elected, his loyalty would only be to the president and those who spent a fortune to get him elected. He has never held public office, nor does he understand the process.

Former Senator Pressler has been my friend for a number of years. I have worked on his previous campaigns, travelled abroad with him, and spent many hours discussing issues with him. When he chose to run as an “independent” his motivation for running was unclear. As time passed, it became obvious that there was some political chicanery afoot.

Reliable sources now indicate that the Democratic Party—with whom former Senator Pressler would caucus—urged and supported his efforts. We do not know what might have been promised to him as a reward for serving as a candidate. There is something secret awaiting him if he is successful in pulling votes away from a strong Republican. Whatever the appointment or perk, it raises money and keeps him running even though there is no chance of his winning the seat.

Gordon Howie is also a friend. While serving with him in the South Dakota State Senate, though we differed on some important issues, I found him to be an earnest and caring person. It is clear, however, that there is no chance of his winning. Those who vote for him, instead of our former Republican governor, are creating a very real possibility of continued Democratic control of the U.S. Senate.  Hopefully no one will throw away their precious vote to get something that they despise.

Our foreign policy is in disarray and the vicious president of Russia is contemptuous of Obama’s inability to act firmly. He is absolutely convinced of our near impotence in influence abroad. All of the president’s attempts to change our economic situation at home have been a gross failure. Without a change in congressional control these problems, that are a result of inconsistent and contradictory policies, will continue.

Please, please remember that a vote for ANY candidate other than Mike Rounds will be a vote to strengthen a failed presidency.

5 thoughts on “South Dakota Supports Obama???

  1. I am extremely disappointed with your support of Mike Rounds. I think there’s something “rotten in Denmark” except that it’s something “rotten in SD.” If there is nothing to hide regarding EB-5, why is the former governor hiding, not debating, barely campaigning. I sure don’t see that Mike Rounds’ values match up with yours. I always thought you were more of an independent thinker, not someone who would follow blindly behind Mike Rounds. I have been to a number of events for Rick Weiland, listened to the Dakota Fest debate (which has been the only one that Rounds has attended). I have heard Rick mention the President only rarely. Rick will certainly not follow blindly behind President Obama or anyone else. He is his own person. Rick even thinks that ACA isn’t the best form of healthcare for our country. Sure hope independent thinking Republicans don’t follow your advice; they need to think for themselves. One-party rule in SD has not been good for our state. If we have 3 Republicans representing us in Washington, it would be just another reflection of SD penchant for keeping the status quo, not trying something different. It is so obvious that Republicans hold all the power in SD. Just take Susan Wismer and Kathy Tyler’s attempts to bring the EB-5 mess into the open. Shot down without any redress. That’s what happens when one party is in total control of the government!

  2. Frankly, i don’t want my South Dakota Senator to focus on foreign policy. Stan my friend, this post seems to be all about your belief that someone other than Obama would have handled Syria better. I don’t agree, but even if I did, I wouldn’t vote for a Senatorial candidate simply because he is going to be an opponent to foreign policy decisions. Moreover, I have no reason to believe that Rounds knows anything about foreign policy except insofar as it may involve the sale of visa for half a million dollars per. There are very serious competence issues with Rounds, and this doesn’t address them.

  3. Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum are now campaigning for Rounds. Honestly Stan, are you going to let your abject hatred of President Obama continue to govern your politics?

  4. OK. Senator, you now have the results you desired in the results of Mr. Rounds being elected. We will now find whether or not he will represent the voice of SD or yield to the voice of the majority party in DC. We will now discover his allowance of the influence of Senator Thune and his staff or the voice of all SD persons. I will gladly take that wager. In less than 30 days, it is my prognostication that the newly elected senator will forget SD voters, begin “making good” on campaign promises made for major campaign financing and begin collecting financial support for 2020. I certainly hope you can prove me wrong.

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