Celebrating the rescue in Denmark

In a previous post I shared the story of the Jewish Danish citizens. A rescue like the one in Denmark happened nowhere else in Europe. Here in South Dakota we have a connection of the bravery of the Danish people, the Scandinavian tradition, and it is mirrored in the tradition of the Lutheran Church. Yet, here in South Dakota almost no one of Scandinavian heritage is aware of their magnificent tradition.

Late last year and in the beginning of this year I first became aware of the need to tell the tale of the rescue in Denmark.

I met with Bishop David Zellmer and we discussed what a wonderful thing it would be to memorialize this incredible expression of faith on Sunday, September 30th in the over 230 South Dakota ELCA churches. He agreed and asked me to tell the story at the Synod’s Annual conclave on Saturday, June 8th—which I did.

As I thought further, it occurred to me that the message should even be more widely circulated. For that purpose, the amphitheater at Mount Rushmore has been reserved from 4 until 6 the afternoon of September 28th and the restaurant for a celebration dinner that night.

The program is in formation and—as suggested to the Danish soldiers—the most wonderful thing would be to have the Queen of Denmark come to this bastion and symbol of freedom as we remembered the wonderful things that her grandfather and the Danish people performed.

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