North Dakota expands Medicaid coverage

A few days ago Bob Mercer posted the following on hist blog Pure Pierre Politics:

“On Tuesday, the North Dakota Senate voted for legislation that would expand Medicaid coverage. The measure now heads to the governor. That is a contrast to South Dakota, where the Legislature’s majority of Republicans and Gov. Dennis Daugaard decided that 2013 wasn’t the time yet. Here’s the North Dakota story by Bismarck Tribune reporter Nick Smith: ”

My thought on the subject is that my colleagues, in South Dakota showed rare bad judgement. Our failure to do the same as North Dakota will cost most citizens $59M–that is FIFTY NINE MILLION DOLLARS!  I proposed an amendment to the General Bill that would have done the exact same thing as North Dakota is now doing.  The proposal showed the specific costs (losses) for Hospitals and Clinics that must be paid for by increased Health Insurance premiums, increased deductibles, and out of pocket cost for most of us.

This is an invisible tax–from an administration that protests “no new taxes.”  In fact the General Bill spent–that is the taxpayers paid for–more than $20 Million increase in State Employee insurance costs.  “No new tax”? I disagree.

There is a song with a line, referring to British social values titled “A sin is not a sin unless it is seen.”  I guess we could say “a tax is not a tax unless it is seen.”  This is a doozy of something hidden from sight.

Another thing: I have a different view than Mr Mercer in his observation that “the Legislature’s majority of Republicans — decided that 2013 wasn’t the time yet” (to pass the expansion).

To my mind and presence in Pierre “the Legislature’s majority of the Republicans — decided that 2013 wasn’t the time yet” (to challenge a Governor of our party.)

So the citizens lose and PAY and PAY and PAY.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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