2013 Legislature—the bad & the ugly

I did “the good” we accomplished a day or so ago.  Now for the bad and the ugly.

We should have repealed that outdated, stupid “alienation of affection law” which makes divorces even nastier than they naturally are.

We should have changed the excessively lower property tax rate that agricultural property pays when compared to commercial and residential real estate of exactly the same dollar value.

We should not have so stubbornly refused to take up the feds on their offer to provide prenatal care for poor women.

Perhaps worst of all, we should not have turned our backs on the 48,000 South Dakotans whom we could have enrolled in Medicaid, with 100% of the cost borne by the feds. It would have saved citizens $50 million in increased insurance costs.

So we still have a lot of work to do…

5 thoughts on “2013 Legislature—the bad & the ugly

  1. I’m not too informed on the reasons for the reduced property tax rate on agricultural land, but as someone with first hand experience in administering the Medicaid program and an understanding of the Alienation of Affection law, I agree with those comments posted here. Great post.

  2. The Medicaid failure is one of the consequences of a short-sighted governor who simply ignored the need to address health care because he hoped that the GOP would take the White House and the Senate, then repeal AHCA.

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