State insurance exchanges?

Interesting.  Here’s a poll question asked in December of registered voters in South Dakota (exact wording):

“The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care, gives states the option of setting up a state-run insurance exchange where people who have trouble finding private health insurance can shop for health insurance.  The law also says that if a state does not set up such exchanges, then the federal government will step in and do it.  Do you think South Dakota should go ahead and set up an insurance exchange, or do you think we should let the federal government do it?”

71% said the state should do it, while 23% said they wanted the feds to do it for us.

Support for having the state set up the insurance exchange (which so far Governor Daugaard has opposed), runs 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 in favor across all age groups and income groups.  Republicans favor state exchanges 77-17, which is 20 points better than Democrats, one in four of whom would rather have the feds do it.

Tea Party supporters favor state-run exchanges over the feds doing it, 68-24.

One thought on “State insurance exchanges?

  1. thanks, Stan! I think a goodly number of our leadership think they can bury their heads in the sand till this whole health care thing goes away. wrong approach! the need is now! right or wrong, the ball is rolling. Step on and make a difference or get run over by the bus!

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